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Disclaimer | Privacy Policy

The investments in the Murray Direct Mortgage Fund ARSN 092 545 189 and the ARK Wholesale Mortgage Fund (Funds) are issued by ARK Capital Funds Limited (formerly known as ARK Asset Management Australia Limited) as the responsible entity and trustee for the Funds. These investments are not bank deposits, investors risk losing some or all of their principal investment and investors may achieve lower than expected returns. Investors do not have the right to withdraw prior to the end of their relevant investment term. It should be noted that while ARK expects to be able to redeem an investment within a reasonable time after the expiry of the application term there can be delays in redemptions.
This advertisement does not contain financial advice, and you should contact your financial advisor to determine whether it is suitable for you. Upon the availability of a specific investment, a syndicate PDS or syndicate IM will be issued.

A general PDS and IM are available from ARK at Level 4, 45 Wangaratta Street, Richmond Victoria 3121, phone 1300 838 834.

Privacy Policy

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