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Borrow, Invest, Thrive

ARK Capital was founded with unwavering purpose – to provide strong, risk adverse, and attractive funding and property investment solutions in a thriving environment that allows our investors and borrowers to build wealth. Central to our philosophy is investing in quality real estate assets across Australia’s most desirable and profitable property markets. With innovative and customised funding solutions, our borrowers welcome the pace and flexibility of our lending capability whilst our investors benefit from attractive and diverse investment opportunities. Leading with authenticity and market agility, we bring broad expertise and a track record of success to the investment table, providing lasting value and consistent returns to our national client network.

Investment strategies


Provision of secured first and second mortgage loans to purchase, refinance, or develop property


Provision of equity in joint venture partnerships and other aligned structures


Investment into assets that provide long term, stable income and capital growth


Active management and application of skills to deliver superior risk adjusted returns